Friday, October 30, 2009


Would you, given the chance go back in time and kill Hitler? Like in 1938 at a big rally? The chances of your survival are minimal but you end up saving millions of people. This comes to my mind as a certain 'Louder then Bombs" contributor wants to dress up as him for halloween.

Is this a morally acceptable thing to do? In both “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban” and “Back to the future” the characters who are doing the time travelling, (Hermione Granger and Marty Mcfly) respectively are told by the minstry of magic and Doc Brown to not alter the events of time as it may have disastrous consequences for their futures, as we see when Marty begins to disappear when he stops his parents first meeting and chance to fall in love. So what about changing one of the most historically significant events ever?

And if you did it that early on in the period, people wouldn’t have known how bad he was. So in history he would have been considered a great leader for Germany, therefore you would probably be considered in the same way as Lee Harvey Oswald and the guy who killed John Lennon are.

It would still be pretty cool I guess.


MsHande said...

well that's really meaningful words writed by you.. I randomly saw that page and it's interesting to see someone who wants to save the world if he has chance to turn time back to kill Hitler or someone like him... well if I can go back in time I will not prefer to go so far .. anyway

shann said...

I believe alot of things have happened wouldnt have happened if Hitler was killed, good and obviously bad. I think through personal experiences and well logically, I would have killed him but it would be interesting whether the people today who were the victims of Hitlers genocide would be the same, worse, better or something different. Very good question! Check out my blog :) got some questions like that too

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